College Week

Fannin Families:   
On the week of  January 23-27th, we will be celebrating “College Week” at Fannin.  Each day, students will be learning about different universities and discussing future goals.  College readiness begins in elementary school. We also need your help.  Please take time at home to have conversations with your child about the importance of higher learning.  Participate in discussions with your child about college options and steps for achieving future career plans.  Additionally, please have your child wear his/her favorite college shirt on Wednesday (January 25th) and a hat/cap with a college logo on Friday (January 29th).                     
Thank you!  

College Week, 2017  
Monday, 1/23
Tour the school to gain information about adopted universities from classroom doors. Discuss interests and programs that certain schools offer over others. (Scavenger hunt/questionnaire will be provided, or you can create your own.)
Tuesday, 1/24
Create graduate Self Portraits.  Discuss future goals. (Drawing sheet with graduation cap will be provided, or you can create your own.)
Wednesday, 1/25
Wear your favorite college shirt.
Write college letters/application (Simple “application” will be provided, or you can create your own, if you prefer.) Discuss the processes and preparation required to apply.
Thursday, 1/26
College bound video-during lunch
Friday 1/27
Hats off to College!  Wear your favorite college cap/hat to school. Discuss importance of higher learning, and take a step in the right direction!