5D Nunez, Ruth


Welcome to Burleson's Fourth grade class.  I am excited to be your teacher this school year.  I received a Bachelors Degree at the University of Texas at El Paso.  Also had the priviledge to study in San Diego, California.  And proud to say I attended Colegio Mayor Mendel in  Madrid Spain where I had the fabulous experience to  study Art Design and Art History.  Glad to be back home in El Paso, Texas!!!

Grade 4 Curriculum Highlights
Language Arts
Read and Discuss texts from different genres.

explain the topic:  identify the main idea based on evidence describe the order of events in text.

Collect, record and classify data in response to questions posed by teacher and or assigned state mandate curriculum 

Students will develop their ability to reason mathematically by solving problems where ther is a need to investige mathematical ideaand construct their own learning in all content areas. 

Provide a variety of instructional tools for meeting the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) For Science. Unit 3 - Matter, Unit 4 - Forms of Energy, Unit 5 - Electricity and Circuits, Unit 6 - Forces and Motion, Unit 7 - Earth's Surface.

Social Studies
Students understand the development characteristics, and interaction of people cultures, societies, and ideas.

Chapter 1 *  The Loan Star State
Chapter 2 * The Natural Regions of Texas
Chapter 3 * The First Texans/ Europeans come to Texas
Chapter 5 * Texas Colonies and Conflicts

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