1A Macias, Rebecca

Welcome to SchoolDear 1A Families,

It is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to First Grade! My name is Rebecca Macias and I am happy to be your child’s teacher. I believe that all children can and want to learn. As a teacher, my main goal is to help my students become lifelong learners. Although expectations are high, I will do my best to build upon your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. I want to maintain a “Yes I Can” attitude.

I would also like to stress the importance of your involvement in your child’s education. I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum student success. With your help, I plan to provide your child with an exciting and successful school year. 

I would also like to encourage you to contact me anytime throughout the school year should you have any questions or concerns. The number to the school is (915) 236-5600, my email is rmacias3@episd.org, and my conference time is 1 to 1:45 Monday through Friday. I look forward to meeting you. We are going to have a wonderful year of learning!